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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramadan in Dhaka

Food becomes a different story during the month long festivity of Ramadan. Boro baper polay khay is a mixture of chickpeas, brains, minced meat, potatoes, chira, eggs, chicken, 13 spices and ghee, making it a popular iftar delicacy sold in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here, giant beef and chicken roasts, shuti kabab (marinated minced meat), shahi doi bora (fried and spiced lentil balls dipped in yoghurt) mutton and chicken cutlet, kima roll (a roll of chopped meat), different types of kabab, kima parata, hilsha eggs, borhani, matha and different sweet items are the Chawkbazar specialities. Most of the shopkeepers are seen selling traditional iftar items some of which trace their origins back to the Mughal era. City residents start thronging the iftar shops from noon onwards, with the rush gathering momentum in the afternoon

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