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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Present Condition of Garment Workers

As it has been mentioned in my many write-up that our garment workers are working inhumanly from morning to evening ,doing overtime to meet their two square a meal, their wages have remained from minimum 950/- to 1650/-. There has been demand from these workers to increase their wages to a level so that they can lead a better life; so far all their demands have gone unheeded. They are talking about ration, an increase in their wages in keeping with the existing market price and what not. These are all hollow hopes. The statistics show that the wages of Bangladeshi worker is 40pounds i.e. 44%, China 66pounds i.e. 47%, India54 pounds i.e. 54%, Morocco 200ponds ie60%, Thailand 130pounds i.e. 50% and Vietnam45 pounds i.e. 56%. The so called big shot people must take up the matter seriously before it gets too late to keep Bangladesh RMG industries in track and keep on earning the foreign currency for this poor country which depends a lot on this sector. Now their wages have increased 1650 to 3000.

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